15 texts i never sent

by trullyyours

1. I could never remember to water the plants so you always did it for me. Its been a few weeks, they’re dead now and I think I am too

2. today I dropped a mug and it shattered at my feet and I think thats what my heart must look like inside of my chest, I hope you’re happy, thats all I’ve ever wanted for you anyway

3. something is missing inside me do you think I could come over to your place and look for it?

4. I scratched your favorite record, I’m not sure if i did it on purpose or not

5. when you speak your words mix with the stars, I cant even look at the night sky without feeling like I’m choking

6. you never cried over books, how is that even possible??

7. I’ve been sleeping in your old t-shirts, they feel like how you taste

8. do you remember the first time you stayed the night and you held me so tightly that we melted into each other? I’m still peeling bits of you off my skin

9. I’d let you kill me all over again if it meant I got to kiss you one more time

10. I quit smoking cigarettes because I saw you in the smoke. Thanks.

11. I still drown in you sometimes

12. I see you everywhere I wish you would leave me alone please please please stop haunting me you know I’ve always been afraid of ghosts

13. holy fuck I cant breathe without you

14. you’re the sun and the moon and all the stars and I find bits and pieces of you in everything and everywhere, you’re in my blood and on my tongue. I’ve been trying to bleed you out of my system. It isn’t working.

15. I wish I could hate you oh my fucking god